After Reading: APPARENT POWER by Dacia M. Arnold

Dacia M Arnold is an author of adult dystopian and dark fiction. She enjoys writing main characters who are otherwise normal people with extraordinary abilities. To say Dacia is an author and a mother would only be scratching the surface. She is an avid karaoke singer, master crafter and a thrift-ster.

Dacia M. Arnold’s "Apparent Power".Is Now Available! Dacia’s book, Apparent Power is available today! It’s the latest book from Immortal Works Press, a company that published my book. I’ve not met Dacia, nor have I read her book, but I do know the publisher and I’ve read many of their works.

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Apparent Power by Dacia M Arnold thrusts everyday reality into a catastrophic race to salvage her family amidst a changing world. "My goal is for the mothers reading this book to lose the excuses.

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Blog Tour: Dacia M. Arnold on Writing, Life, and "Apparent Power" #amwriting #blogtour #apparentpower #writerslife #writingcommunity #authorlife #dystopian. skip to content. Much Abdou About Nothing.. Dacia M. Arnold, author of the DiaZem Trilogy.

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