Box Elder Bugs Facts, Information, & Control

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The term "elder" usually applies to someone worthy of respect. That certainly doesn’t apply when it comes to box elder bugs. These distinctive-looking red and black insects more accurately qualify as an annoyance. Unlike many other pests, box elder bugs don’t transmit diseases or cause significant structural damage to a home.

Controlling boxelder bugs can be difficult because they invade in such high numbers and hide in hard to reach concealed areas of your home in places like behind walls, and underneath of floors. The best way to get rid of boxelder bugs is with the help of a professional pest control expert. At Russell’s Pest Control, we resolve boxelder bugs.

Do Box Elder Bugs Bite? Box elder bugs do not have venom and cannot sting; however, there are some reports of boxelder bugs defending themselves by biting people when pressed against bare skin. box elder bites are not known to cause any lasting effects in these incidents.

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 · 10 Cool Facts About boxelder bugs. friday, I was with my friend, and we found something called a boxelder bug. We were at the Audubon Society for a nighttime hike, and we found these bugs inside the research center.. We were very interested in these bugs because they didn’t bite us.

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