Letters: Bill protects criminal immigrants; Are we provoking a war in Iran?; more responses (5/8/19)

That we are now happily contemplating. Farhad Jabar’s awful crime in Parramatta, or more specifically that he happened to be 15 years old, is being used to justify the next wave of draconian laws.

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So we could have war in Iran and Russia: something in it for everyone. If so, the deep state may have found its perfect figurehead: an unpopular autocrat/man of action, who will sell for the right.

The troll announced a plan to send more US troops to Afghanistan, supposedly to "win" the war, although we already know that is impossible. What it amounts to is a decision to continue supporting the Afghan government, which can’t win a war because it inspires little loyalty. The US can prop that up as long as it has the strength, but that won’t improve anything.

The Washington Post, the neoconservatives’ media flagship, led the assault on Flynn, an unorthodox thinker who shared the neocons’ hostility toward Iran but broke with. to redouble their march.

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"There will be no war because neither do we want a war, nor has anyone the idea or illusion it can confront Iran in the region," Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif told Iran’s IRNA state news agency before ending a visit to Beijing. President Donald Trump has tightened economic sanctions against Iran, and his administration says it has.

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The Jerusalem Post reports: "We are entering troubling times. The conviction that war is upon us grows with each passing day. What remains to be determined is who will dictate the terms of that war – Iran or Israel. Iran has good reason to go to war today."