Should Colorado allow marijuana deliveries to homes?

Debate At Capitol Surrounds Marijuana Home Delivery Bill. Weed delivery services are currently illegal in the state of Colorado, although CBS4 cameras have caught apparent deliveries in the act. The Colorado Association of Chiefs of Police opposes the measure strongly. "I think it opens the door to straw purchases where, you know,

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A bill introduced this week in the Colorado Senate would open the door for home-delivered recreational and medical marijuana in the state. Senate Bill 192 would allow for medical marijuana.

The same approach should be taken when considering home cultivation. Certain medical marijuana programs allow patients to grow a specified amount of marijuana plants at home, but in other states, such as New York and New Jersey, do not have laws in place that permit home cultivation by registered patients or caregivers.

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Home deliveries from authorized recreational marijuana stores will begin in January 2021. Though the bill was generally seen as the next step in strengthening the legal cannabis industry in the state and improving the service for consumers and patients, Polis considers it also beneficial to public safety, by enabling those who have consumed.

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One of the most interesting policies of California’s new cannabis regulations is that marijuana delivery is legal everywhere in California, even in towns that have opted to ban cannabis-related businesses. This makes California the first (and only) state to legalize home delivery across all municipalities.

Colorado Governor Jared Polis signed a series of marijuana bills into law last week that are expected to greatly revamp the state’s cannabis market by allowing cannabis to be consumed at social lounges and permitting marijuana home delivery.

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Despite opposition from the municipal government association League of California Cities and the California Police Chiefs Association, state regulators gave preliminary approval Oct. 19, 2018, of a rule that would allow delivery services to bring cannabis products into cities that have banned retail marijuana sales.

You could order pot to your doorstep like a pizza in the near future now that Colorado lawmakers have approved. If approved by Polis, it would allow medical marijuana delivery by the beginning of.

The laws – containing a couple of bizarre loopholes – would allow adults over the age of 18 to possess. However, Federal.