The Army Has A Message For Soldiers: Even Where Marijuana Is Legal, Don’t Use It

But the Department of Defense has said unequivocally that servicemembers and civilian employees can never use marijuana because of prohibition by the Uniform Code of Military Justice and federal.

A US military officer reports on the increasing incidence of insubordination, desertion and rebellion in the US army over the course of the Vietnam War. While we obviously don’t agree with the officer’s political perspective, the article contains lots of useful information on the GI.

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Can You Join the Military if You Smoked Weed!? Schedule 1 drugs include heroin and LSD and are defined as drugs with no accepted medical use and a high potential for abuse. Marijuana’s classification as a Schedule 1 drug has brought states. was.

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Ask a Marijuana Doctor About Qualifying for a Medical Card in MA. Having a medical marijuana card could prevent you from joining the military. However, if you have been diagnosed with a serious medical condition, it is important for you to prioritize getting the medical care and symptom relief that you need.

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Many Soldiers, But Not All. While soldiers might have smoked marijuana while in combat, it was more common for military personnel to enjoy cannabis once they were off the front lines.

For service members, the answer is a resounding no. You can not use marijuana while you serve. We break it down here: Marijuana is illegal under federal law, so even if you live in a state where pot is legal you can’t bring it onto a military installation.

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